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Should you’re anticipating a candy child lady, this listing is for you! After I’m engaged on my child title listing (among the finest components of being pregnant, for my part!), one thing excessive on my listing is a reasonably title that comes with a cute shorter model. I’ve rounded up 200 of our favourite cute nicknames for ladies!

You could wish to have your little lady use her nickname as a baby, however give her the choice to make use of the longer, extra mature title as she grows older. And, there’s no denying that associates, classmates, and members of the family will naturally shorten the title sooner or later themselves—so why not be sure to’ve obtained a cute nickname that you simply love?

Traditional Names with Cute Nicknames

Should you’re a conventional title lover, you’ve obtained plenty of choices for a wonderful, basic title that has cute nicknames decisions. With the title Margaret, you’ll be able to’t go flawed with Maggie, and I additionally love the much less widespread nicknames, Midge and Meg (Meg makes me consider Little Girls!). Elizabeth has many nickname choices, together with Libby, Lissy, Eliza, Beth, or Betty, relying in your fashion.

Charlotte is a basic title and shortens so simply to Char, Charlie, or Lottie. Or you could begin with a nickname you’re keen on, like Frankie, and select Francine or Francesca as your daughter’s given title. Rosie or Ro will be the shortened model for Rosalind, Roselyn, or Rosemary.

Listed here are our favourite nicknames for ladies that come from basic lady names:

Addy or Ada (Adelaide/Adeline/Addison)
Bella (Annabella/Mirabella/Isabella)
Flo, Flora, Florrie, or Flossie (Florence)
Libby, Lissy, Eliza, Liza, Lize, Beth, Betty, or Betsy (Elizabeth)
Meg, Midge, Maggie, or Peggy (Margaret)
Rosie, Rose, or Ro (Rosalind/Roselyn/Rosemary)
Lottie, Char, or Charlie (Charlotte)
Frankie (Francine/Frances/Francesca)
Kate, Kat, Katie, Package, or Kitty (Katherine)
Ellie (Eleanor)
Josie, Jo, or Fifi (Josephine)
Tori, Toria, or Vicki (Victoria)
Liv, By way of, or Livie (Olivia)
CeCe (Cecilia/Celia)
Lexie or Alex (Alexandra/Alexandria)
Maddy (Madeline/Madalyn/Madison)
Becca (Rebecca)
Dora, Dorie, or Thea (Theodora)
Issy, Izzy, Belle, Bella, or Ella (Isabelle/Isabella)
Abby (Abigail)
Lily (Lillian/Liliana)
Lulu (Lucille/Louise)
Millie (Amelia/Millicent/Camille)
Goldie or Mari (Marigold)
Dot or Dottie (Dorothy)
Ginny (Virginia)
Gabby (Gabrielle/Gabriella)
Emmy (Emily/Emilia)
Mia, Amy, Millie, or Lia (Amelia)
Vi (Violet)
Evie or Eve (Evelyn/Everly/Evangeline)
Cora (Coraline/Cordelia)
Maggie (Magnolia/Margaret)
Ana (Anastasia)
Henny (Henrietta)
Frannie (Francesca/Francene)
Sammy or Sam (Samantha)
Minnie (Minerva)
Gussie (Augusta)
Elle, Ellie, or Ella (Eloise)
Ouisie (Louise)
Allie (Alice/Alison)
Viv or Vivi (Vivienne, Viviana)
Barbie (Barbara)
Dolly or Lola (Delores)
Nellie (Helen/Ellen)
Birdie or Bea (Beatrice)
Connie (Constance)
Georgie (Georgiana/Georgette)
Max (Maxine)
Cilla or Prissy (Priscilla)
Winnie (Winifred)
Polly (Pollyanna)
Edie (Edith/Eden)
Thea (Dorothea)
Etta (Loretta/Henrietta)
Hettie or Henny (Henrietta)
Pippa (Philippa)
Bea or Trixie (Beatrix)
Tabbie or Taby (Tabitha)
Tib or Tibbie (Tabitha/Thelma)
Jules (Julia/Julie/Juliana/Juliette)
Mindy, Lindy, or Linda (Malinda)
Suzie, Susie, Sue, Suz, or Sanne (Susannah/Suzanne)
Penny or Poppy (Penelope)
Hattie (Harriet)

Trendy Names with Cute Nicknames

Maybe you wish to choose a extra trendy title, like Hartley, which shortens simply to Hart. Belle is a extra conventional nickname, but it surely brings a contemporary really feel when it comes from Bellamy. Cadence and Delaney are widespread trendy names, and the way cute are the nicknames Cady and Laney?

Another trendy lady names embody gender-neutral names, like Remington with the nickname Remi, or a lady Blakeley who goes by Blake. Hollis and Holland are trendy choices that include the female nickname Holly.

Listed here are a few of our favourite trendy lady names, together with their shortened variations:

Cammy or Cam (Cameo/Campbell/Camille/Cameron)
Holly (Hollis/Holland/Hollyn)
Bella or Belle (Bellamy, Arabella, Mirabel)
Mac (MacLain/MacKenzie/Makayla)
Vi, Gigi, Genny, or Evie (Genevieve)
Anne or Annie (Anniston)
Emmie (Emerson/Embry/Ember)
Blake (Blakeley)
Hart (Hartley)
Vero, Vera, or Ronnie (Veronica)
Skye (Skylar)
Jojo (Jordan)
Val (Valerie)
Mel, Mellie, or Lanie (Melanie)
Ari (Ariana/Ariella)
Brooke or Brookie (Brooklyn)
Wren (Wrenley)
Rory (Aurora/Lorelai)
Elli (Elliana)
Bri (Brianna/Brielle)
Leigh (Leighton)
Roxy (Roxanne)
Tilly (Matilda)
Angel (Angelina/Angelica)
Chris or Chrissy (Christine/Christina)
Gwen (Gwendolyn)
Inexperienced (Greenlee)
Tay (Taylor)
Mimi (Naomi/Miriam/Emily)
Tate (Tatum)
Merry (Merritt)
Ava (Avalon)
Ash (Ashton)
Fin (Finley)
Lenny (Lennon)
Cady or Cade (Cadence)
Laney, Lane, Dell, or Dellie (Delaney)
Jill (Jillian)
Ari (Ariel/Arianna)
Lottie or Ettie (Scarlett)
Ro-Ro or Ro (Roman/Rosen)
Mo or Reenie (Maureen)
Nessa (Vanessa/Agnes)
Jude (Judith)
Anna (Annalise/Annabeth/Annalie)
Bobbie (Roberta)
Sher (Sheridan)
Quinn (Quincey)
Cassie (Cassandra/Cassidy)

Distinctive Names with Cute Nicknames

If you would like your lady to be the one one with a sure title or nickname in her class, then a novel lady title is for you! It may very well be one thing you haven’t heard of earlier than, just like the title Avonlea (pronounced brief A-vuhn-lee) with the nickname Avi. Or, it may very well be a recognized title however not used as typically. Should you like a novel lady title, like Clementine, it shortens so effectively to Clem or Clemmi. Cosette can go by Coco, Co, or Cosy (my daughter has this title, and we like to name her all variations!).

Lulu, Lula, or Tallie (Tallulah)
Coco, Cosy, Co, or Settey (Cosette)
Clem, Clemmi, or Tiny (Clementine)
Nova (Novalee)
Cherry (Cheris)
Gem (Gemma)
Effie (Euphemia)
Avon or Avi (Avonlea)
Tavi (Octavia)
Prue (Prudence)
Marly (Marlowe)
Brynn (Brynlee)
Bron, Winn, or Winnie (Bronwen)
Bex (Bexley)
Junie or June (Juniper)
Wave (Waverly)
Willa, Mina, or Billy (Wilhelmina)
Sera, Fifi, or Phina (Seraphina)
Indy (Indigo)
Queenie (Regina)
Romy or Mona (Ramona)
Saffy or Ronni (Saffron)
Gilly or Girl (Galadriel)
Jovie (Jovita/Jovana)
Posie (Mariposa)
Fifi (Ophelia)
Tempe (Temperance)

Do you’re keen on our listing of cute nicknames for ladies? I hope you bought some inspiration in your child lady’s title. We’d like to know your favourite one!

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