Teddy Roosevelt bear hunting.

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Editor’s Observe: Within the spring of 1904, then-president Theodore Roosevelt traveled by prepare to hunt bears and massive cats in Colorado. The account of his hunt was printed within the July, August, and September 1905 problems with Outside Life. The unique story, merely titled “The President’s Bear Hunt,” started with an introduction by J.A. McGuire, the Colorado-based founder and editor-in-chief of Outside Life, who spoke at size with Roosevelt when he hunted Colorado as vice chairman and once more on this journey. The story itself was written by considered one of TR’s guides, John Goff, who stored a diary throughout their weeks in camp. “[This] story is the one official account of the hunt furnished in any sportsman’s publication,” wrote McGuire. “Mr. Goff carried his personal digital camera, from which a number of of the pictures right here printed have been reproduced.” Goff’s unique account spans dozens of pages and three points; we’ve excerpted most of it under. This hunt occurred whereas unregulated predator looking was happening in a lot of the American West; for a historical past of how the president’s trophy hunts like this one became the looking and conservation legacy he’s identified for immediately, examine it right here.

Roosevelt driving with J.A. McGuire, the founder and then-editor-in-chief of Outside Life.

“The President’s Bear Hunt,” by John Goff

From the July 1905 Concern of Outside Life

Earlier than making an attempt to explain President Roosevelt’s bear hunt in Colorado, I’ll first ask the readers of Outside Life to search for no prize essay or any pyrotechnic show of language. I’m first, final and at all times a information, and boast of no such splendid training as that with which many of the readers of Outside Life are gifted; however I do know a lion or bear observe once I see it, and may usually comply with the canines on any sort of a chase, supplied they hold their senses and do. not run me up too slippery a tree or over precipices that tend to drop straight down.

After my ten or extra years of steady guiding in Colorado, one would suppose it’d grow to be tiresome, and that it might usually appear very very like work to me. WeII, that’s true, even, of the consequences upon all hunters who search large recreation. Some days they think about they put within the worst hours of their lives (and doubtless do) however the subsequent day their efforts could also be topped with such success that their troubles of the previous day are forgotten and so they suppose solely of the exultation in seeing that massive hulk of harmful animal flesh drop from the tree on the crack of their gun, or that bear that has fought off the canines for a half hour, heave over and roll down the hill as their bullet penetrates a significant level.

These vivid, blissful moments usually are not quickly forgotten, however are carried within the reminiscence’s wanting glass for a very long time. It’s the recurrent considered them that makes us lengthy to once more hit the path and hearken to the music of the canines.

And so it’s with me. After every hunt I breathe a sigh of relief-in a sure sense—however when the subsequent journey is on I really feel as a lot enthused as I used to be on the final one.

Roosevelt's bear hunt and cat.
A treed bobcat; Roosevelt mounted on the Oregon horse Fred, able to experience from Newcastle to camp. Outside Life; Underwood & Underwood

About April seventh [1904] noticed me a reasonably busy man, for that was the day on which I left Meeker, Colorado, with my sixteen canines and twenty horses, to affix my guiding companion, Jake Borah, at New Citadel. For a while we had been “graining” the horses and maintaining the canines in form, till, once I left Meeker on that date, I consider I had as good an outfit of canines and horses as was ever gotten collectively in a single bunch within the West.

Three driving horses have been provided every member of our social gathering—the President, Dr. Lambert and Mr. Stewart. The President wore a canvas swimsuit more often than not, with medium size strange looking boots, a tender, mild coloured felt hat, and often a handkerchief thrown loosely round bis neck. He used a .30-40-220 new military Springfield rifle that was particularly made for him. (On his first journey in Colorado he used a .30-30 Winchester).

On the night of the eleventh (4 days earlier than the anticipated arrival of the President) we had a lightweight fall of snow which continued for the subsequent two or three days. All this time Borah and I have been out with the canines, driving the hills, on the lookout for bear signal, during which search we have been unsuccessful. … On the 14th, Borah, Wells and I went right down to New Citadel to satisfy the President and his social gathering. They arrived the morning of the fifteenth at 8 o’clock, of their non-public automobile. The President was consuming breakfast when the prepare pulled in. He instantly give up the desk and went to the rear of his automobile, from which he made a brief speech to the 1,500 individuals who had congregated to see him. He afterwards went again and completed his breakfast.

The President’s first mount was “Outdated Fred,” an Oregon horse which I secured for him-a splendid roadster however nothing additional within the payments. His different two mounts have been “Martinus” and “Jumbo,” horses with information for good work on bard climbing journeys.

At 11:15 on the morning of the fifteenth we began on the eighteen-mile experience to camp the President and B. P. Wells (considered one of our greatest guides) within the lead, Mr. Stewart and Dr. Lambert subsequent, and Borah and I taking on the rear with the rest of the packs and the canines. A refrain of shouts arose from the group because the President was bidden god-speed on his journey. Inside a half mile of the depot we have been misplaced to view within the foliage and attracts of the hills.

We reached camp at 4:30 p.m., the place Jack Fry had dinner prepared. The social gathering sat right down to a invoice of fare of hen pot pie, stewed tomatoes, mashed potatoes, scorching biscuits, corn cooked in cream, canned peaches, pumpkin pie and sauces. The President ate heartily, remarking as be completed: “That is higher than we’ve on the White Home; I really feel that I ought not eat any extra, however Physician, please go me one other biscuit.”

On the sixteenth (Sunday) the President consented to accompany Dr. Lambert and Mr. Stewart on a reconnoitering journey, on the lookout for signal and to get used to the saddle. Borah, Welss and I went out with them, taking alongside the canines, and beginning at 8 a.m. We began for the Pinon Ridges, north of camp, which was in decrease nation, anticipating we would no less than run onto a bob-cat observe.

Roosevelt's hunting guide.
The writer and Roosevelt’s information John Goff (left) and fellow information Jake Borah. C. E. Krueger

The scouts, who had been over this nation earlier than, had not seen any favorable bear signal, so we solely took alongside a couple of of the canines. Taking place the creek a mile or so we quickly started to ascend a steep divide, lastly reaching the summit, from which we have been afforded a commanding view of the nation to the north-even throughout the Grand river and clear into Rio Blanco county. We adopted alongside a ridge for far, Borah and I lastly touchdown out on the sharp level of this ridge, the place a few days earlier than we had seen fairly a little bit cat signal. About 5 miles from camp we made a circle, turning backward towards camp. We struck right here a contemporary cat observe, which the canines ran after which misplaced. All of us hurried to the purpose of a cliff, from which we may watch the attention-grabbing work of the canines figuring out the observe on one other ridge. After that they had labored over into the second gulch my canines, ‘Gene and Badge, immediately give up the cat observe and ran onto a bear observe. Listening to the canines tonguing on the bear observe, all of us regarded fastidiously, when Mr. Stewart exclaimed “Bear!” and pointed to a brown bear coming down the other aspect of the cañon [sic] with Gene and Badge after him.

Borah and I began down the cañon at a great gait and succeeded in turning the bear, which went again into the identical locality from which he had simply come. After sizing up the scenario and realizing the lateness of the hour-besides not having as many canines as we needed-we determined to tug off the canines and return to camp, preferring to once more proceed the chase within the morning. After being known as off the bear observe Badge and Gene got here again and joined the opposite canines within the bob-cat chase. After the area of a half-hour or so we heard the canines barking “treed!” and all of us hurried to the spot to seek out {that a} lively-looking cat had forsaken Mom Earth for a safer, although much less comfy perch within the branches of a cedar. Earlier than any photographs might be manufactured from his catship, Shorty, my bull-terrier, climbed the tree, and on the distance of thirty ft from the bottom, jumped for the cat, inflicting each to fall from the tree. Badge, one other canine, caught the cat on the fly as she fell, and the subsequent immediate all of the canines have been on the little yellow animal, making quick work of her. We then went to camp and resolved to make an early begin the subsequent day.

On the second day of the hunt (or the third from New Citadel) we went again with the complete pack to the top of the gulch the place the day earlier we had seen the bear. Once we received to inside thirty yards of the observe by which the bear had crossed over the ridge, the canines “winded” the observe and have become very unruly. Outdated Jim received particularly so and broke away from me. A minute later we determined to show all of them unfastened. From that point on we had a heat chase, operating the bear from 11 a. m. to 12:45. We have been favored by being on the other aspect of the ridge from the canines, and will see them on a regular basis.

Quickly we introduced him to bay on an enormous rock, the place he stood defiantly preventing of the canines. Borah stated to Anderson, one of many guides: “Go up above and ‘shoo’ him down by throwing rocks at him.” The concept was to get him down in order to save lots of the President climbing the steep and rocky hill, which was too precipitous to take a horse up. After Anderson had climbed the hill and as he approached the bear he bolted and ran round Anderson to a little bit pocket within the gulch. Then the steadiness of the social gathering, Borah and I within the lead, determined to experience up a little bit ridge and get onto the bear from one other quarter, because it was evident he wouldn’t tree. By the point we reached our desired objective Anderson had gotten round him. He threw rocks at him and inspired the canines to such an extent that he discovered it was advisable to desist, as he feared the canines would rush in and get killed. So he stood and watched him till the social gathering received up.

Hunting map of Roosevelt's 1904 bear hunt.
A map of the looking space. Outside Life

Once we received to inside 100 yards the bear began round quartering from us, going onto the other hillside. Wells was answerable for the President’s gun and he handed it to him, as there was an opportunity for fast motion. It was an opportunity shot (there being however an area a couple of foot throughout that was not occupied by canine flesh) however the President took it, and hit the bear within the thigh, which brought on him to roll down the hill turning somersaults and biting canines as he went. The canines and bear rolled down collectively, the canines piling up on the animal on a ledge on the aspect of the gulch.

Whereas he was but rolling I grabbed the President’s gun and stated “Observe me!” We labored our approach down onto a ledge instantly above the one on which the bear was situated. Once we reached the ledge we discovered we have been about sixty ft above our recreation and ready from which a good shot might be had. It was fortunate we received on this ledge, for, judging by the way in which that bear was making mince-meat of canines, it might solely be a query of time till he would kill off half of them. The President took cautious purpose and shot the bear within the higher a part of the neck, which brought on him to cool down for his final sleep. That was the place the crippled canines started to indicate up. Outdated Spot (considered one of Borah’s fox-terriers) was discovered holding tightly onto the bear together with his again damaged, however recreation to the final. The bear had bitten the little fighter by means of the again and he suffered in order that Borah ordered him taken away and shot to finish his distress, because it was unimaginable for him to get better. Shorty, my bull-terrier, was additionally badly crippled, and I carried him to water, the place I left him quickly, as there was no approach of carrying him. The subsequent day Wells went out after him, discovering him huddled up on the hillside too stiff and sore to stroll house however too nervy to die. After some coaxing he was induced to stroll a little bit at a time, and after he received limbered up he hobbled alongside pretty effectively.

He walked all the way in which to camp (as it might have distressed him extra to be carried) and got here in with a smile, though he had been bitten by means of the entrance shoulder and the thigh. Dr. Lambert then and there christened him the “toad-faced canine.” After analyzing the cover of the bear we discovered its higher lip all lower up the place “Shorty” had locked enamel with it. The bear weighed 350 kilos earlier than being dressed.

Hides from President Roosevelt's bear hunt.
“Trophies taken on the President’s journey. The three higher skins have been secured by the
President. Underwood and Underwood

From the August 1905 Concern of Outside Life

This naturally put new life and ginger into the members of the social gathering, in addition to the guides and all people having something to do with the hunt. And additional encouragement was instilled owing to the truth that the bear was of no imply proportions. The pores and skin after being taken off measured seven ft six inches from nostril to tip of tail and 6 ft six inches unfold of forepaws. The President was in one of the best of spirits and now stated that the hunt was a hit, even when not one other bear was bagged.

On the morning of the 18th, Courier Chapman made his first journey to Glenwood Springs with the mail, carrying additionally to the taxidermists the cover of the primary bear killed. Borah and I went reconnoitering with the social gathering, however on account of the onerous work of the day earlier we didn’t keep out lengthy. One of the best we may discover was an previous bear observe a couple of week or ten days previous. On the nineteenth, Borah, Wells, Anderson and I went to Garfield Creek with the social gathering—a protracted, onerous experience of thirty miles for the day over tough and hilly nation. It snowed practically all day, and the journey was in any other case impeded by the need of going by means of a lot deep snow, in lots of instances the drifts being three to 4 ft deep. We returned to camp somewhat disconsolate, having seen no contemporary bear tracks no matter.

That day Secretary Loeb came visiting to camp from Glenwood Springs with Courier Chapman, his first go to to the camp. On driving into camp that night and discovering the secretary there, the very first thing the President requested for was information concerning the Russian-Japanese warfare. On the morning of the twentieth the secretary went again to Glenwood Springs with Courier Chapman. It snowed all day and the social gathering rested in camp, somewhat glad to have a little bit surcease from the saddle. The presidential social gathering spent more often than not studying and enjoying whist. On the twenty first Borah and I took the social gathering out on the lookout for cat signal. The opposite guides and helpers rounded up the pack horses and made the opposite needed preparations to maneuver camp to about ten miles west of the current camp, which transfer it was determined to make the subsequent morning. Because the nation concerning the previous camp had been fairly effectively hunted out, and as some favorable stories unhealthy are available from the opposite part, we thought our luck can be higher within the West Divide Creek nation. We got here again to camp that day with out seeing any very encouraging indicators of bear, and retired with hopes that our new camp would bear higher fruit.

On the twenty second we moved camp. Borah and I with the social gathering, looking all the way in which over, the pack prepare tacking up the rear. We discovered nothing—not even a bear observe. On the way in which over the President had a contact of the Cuban fever [a strain of malaria], the primary of the journey, however which has usually aggravated him since these memorable days spent by him within the late Spanish-American warfare. On today a report got here in from some ranchmen that that they had two bears situated, however once we reached camp we discovered that they had killed them themselves.

On account of the pointless pleasure which they brought on us, we might have thanked them very kindly to have stored the information to themselves.

A black bear in a tree on Roosevelt's hunt.
A treed bear, photographed on Roosevelt’s 1904 hunt.

At this stage of the hunt we started to surprise and speculate on what number of extra bears we might have the ability to land for our distinguished visitor. Borah and I usually exchanged important glances on this topic, and, whereas we didn’t say a lot, we thought awfully onerous. We had now been out from New Citadel only one week and had solely bagged one bear, which all of us thought of onerous luck. But the President was jolly and thought we have been getting alongside swimmingly. It was definitely onerous to place a damper on bis spirits, and I actually consider that if we by no means received one other however that one he would have gone again the happiest member of the social gathering.

On Sunday, April twenty third, Borah and I went scouting west of camp and have been rewarded by seeing the contemporary observe of an previous bear and yearling on Alkali creek. On today Wells and Anderson additionally went reconnoitering up West Divide creek and returned to camp with the data that that they had seen the contemporary observe of a bear about two years previous. A ranchman got here into camp telling us that he noticed a big, contemporary bear observe about three miles up the creek, on a tributary of West Divide creek.

This being Sunday, there have been many guests in camp to get a take a look at the President, and whereas he would have most popular to relaxation unmolested, it was onerous for him to do the rest however obtain them. Males got here in singles, in pairs, with their boys, with their women and with their wives. Entire households flocked in, their faces being a research of mingled curiosity and pleasure. In each case the President was most courteous and obliging.

On the morning of Monday, the twenty fourth, Borah, Chapman. Wells, Anderson and I went to Alkali creek with the President and his social gathering, meaning to comply with up the tracks that Borah and I had seen the day earlier than. Once we reached the bear path we turned the canines unfastened, however they didn’t get to work right-seeming to be on the observe of a bobcat or some animal smaller than a bear. The packs additionally gave hassle, inflicting a lot delay.

We rounded up the canines once more (the tracks being in dry floor and about three days previous) and received them off in a bunch, monitoring the bear proper as much as the sting of the snow. The place they entered the snow they have been solely about twelve hours previous. We had held the canines again for a while earlier than reaching the snow, however now turned them unfastened once more. They ran up into the tall spruce the place the snow was 4 or 5 ft deep. We may plainly hear them tonguing, and sometimes received a glimpse of them once they ran out over a snowbank and no timber obscured the imaginative and prescient. Quickly, nevertheless, their bell-like notes grew fainter and later couldn’t be heard.

On this chase up to now we had trailed the bear about 5 miles. It was now about 2 p.m. once we tracked him to the sting of the snow. We lower throughout to a ridge, maintaining decrease down, the place the snow was not so deep, because it was unimaginable to comply with the place the tracks led within the heavy snow. Once we received over onto the subsequent ridge we may hear the canines baying, seemingly a couple of mile away, far into the snowdrifts. We needed to undergo snow three or 4 ft deep to get to the canines (or to the place they have been once we beard them baying) however once we reached that spot we discovered they have been about as distant as once we began. It was plain to be seen by the baying and by the disturbance of the snow alongside their path, that the previous bear was making stands at intervals and preventing off the canines.

Roosevelt hunting grounds.
The President, P. B. Stewart and B. Wells within the order named, after having crossed
the Grand River at New Citadel on the morning of the departure for the looking grounds. C. E. Krueger

We discovered that in an effort to recover from floor in any respect, we needed to get out of the snow it being too deep to permit of any progress. So we regularly labored our approach round to the south aspect of the hill, which was comparatively free from snow. Once we reached this aspect of the mountain we may find the clogs, which appeared to be barking “treed.” We began straight for them, however needed to forsake our horses and stroll, on account of the deep snow.

We reached the canines and located a cub treed, which Dr. Lambert rapidly dispatched. It appears the previous bear had gone proper on, leaving the cub treed. Quickly we adopted after the previous one, whose path led us out of the basin during which we have been, over a steep and precipitous ridge. We had no simple time getting up there with our horses, because the aspect of the eminence was not solely very steep, however slippery and brushy as effectively.  Once we reached the summit we neglected a heavily-timbered spruce cañon [sic], and located that the previous bear had preceded the clogs about three-quarters of an hour in passing excessive. We may hear the canines barking within the cañon under us, evidently working down.

The snow was too deep to comply with proper down, so we adopted alongside the ridge for a couple of mile. We stopped to hear and heard the canines barking “bayed.” Then we misplaced no time in selecting our approach down by means of the thick quaking aspens. Down timber and snow, for about one and a half miles, breaking a path single file for the horses. It was now 4 p. m., and so they had been going since 7 o’clock that morning and have been due to this fact drained. Once we received down off the knoll we discovered the canines have been baying in a thick bunch of spruce. As we approached nearer we noticed the previous bear, treed in an enormous spruce, about thirty ft from the bottom.

The President got here up and, after cautious purpose, shot her within the neck, the bear crashing by means of the branches to the bottom, as limp as a rag. This all occurred after 4 o’clock within the afternoon and we have been fifteen miles from camp. We due to this fact hurriedly dressed the animal and pulled for camp, which we reached at darkish.

On the morning of the twenty fifth, Mr. Stewart went house, planning, nevertheless, to return as quickly as his enterprise would warrant. On today we went to Mam Creek (in the identical locality as that during which the bear of the day prior to this had been killed) to take the observe of some bears {that a} social gathering had situated for us. We reached Mam creek, fifteen miles, at 11 o’clock, and discovering the tracks of an previous bear and a few yearlings, we turned the previous canines unfastened first.

We have been on a pointy ridge when the canines have been turned unfastened, the tracks main up into the heavy spruce and snow. The social gathering couldn’t comply with us, although, so that they went round for a neater path. After they received close to it was discovered that the canines have been working onerous, the previous bear and her two yearlings being seen operating up by means of the spruce, the canines shut up. It was certainly a grand sight, and on0 which none who noticed it is going to ever neglect.

Roosevelt with a bear hunt.
Roosevelt, gun in hand, watches the canines sniff one of many bears. John Goff

After we had stood and listened awhile we heard them bark “treed” up close to the highest of the ridge. Once we reached them we had the enviable spectacle of two yearlings in a single tree, perched about sixty ft up. After Dr. Lambert had killed the yearlings the social gathering went as much as the highest of the ridge to satisfy Borah (who had not come down) whereas Anderson and I went round by a decrease route with the canines, beginning them on the previous bear’s observe. We discovered she had evidently made a circle, going into the subsequent cañon, and from the eminence on high of the ridge the social gathering may see the race in all its vigor and pleasure. Right here the race was seen, because it appeared, on the other aspect of the cañon. for absolutely two miles. I joined the social gathering on high whereas they have been watching the chase, and shortly we heard the clogs barking “treed.”

We began as much as the place they have been, however discovered we couldn’t go all the way in which with the horses, so tied them and tramped on high of the snow, which right here was from three to 4 ft deep on the extent. We quickly reached the tree the place the canines have been establishing a deafening noise, and located her bearship situated on a spruce limb about thirty ft from terra firma. She eyed us with some misgivings once we had all congregated under her to get a peep at her form, and solid something however “goo-goo” eyes on the canines as they frantically barked and jumped with glee.

When the President got here up he gave her a useless shot within the area of the guts and she or he rolled out and down on the bottom, the place the canines have been on her immediately, tugging and pulling at her inanimate carcass. After skinning her we rode to camp, twenty miles, the place we discovered that Jack Fry had ready his often toothsome supper which this time consisted of hen pot pie and all of the et cetera that go along with a extremely good camp meal. Thus ended the primary ten days of looking.

From the September 1905 Concern of Outside Life

These final days (excluding one—when Dr. Lambert was so lucky as to bag 4) have been most likely much less thrilling than the earlier ones. One motive was the very unpleasant climate, which stored us in camp quite a lot of the time; the opposite was most likely the truth that solely one of many ten days introduced us any fortunate within the bruin line.

Any man, nevertheless, who has hunted large recreation, realizes the fortunes attendant upon such looking, and few of those that have efficiently adopted the hounds for cougar or bear anticipate so very a lot. All of them know from hard-earned expertise that bears and lions—and even the insignificant little bobcat—don’t develop on each tree, and that typically weeks are spent of their pursuit earlier than the luck is lastly turned. I’ve hunted for bear—specifically on one  event, when in firm with the editor of this journal—proper near them, for 2 strong weeks and not using a day of relaxation and with out hanging a cover. Lastly once we did strike bear they have been fairly plentiful.

The President, being a person who has hunted and killed bears earlier than, is aware of this, and due to this fact had some concept of what to anticipate. I hope the readers is not going to misunderstand means making excuses for a poor journey. I’m not making an attempt to do such a factor, for we had some of the profitable bear hunts—if not essentially the most profitable—ever pulled off in the US. However I merely want to point out some issues to indicate that each one the bears in a single county of Colorado couldn’t be rounded up on one quick journey, and to additionally present that nobody can inform what success could also be had on a bear or lion hunt till the identical is over and the hides are counted.

When this hunt was first deliberate, I used to be requested concerning the potentialities—that’s, the quantity it was thought might be secured within the time which the President had at his command. This was to me a tough proposition, for whereas I knew about what number of there have been in a given area of nation over in my part—north of Meeker between the Bear and the White rivers, near the place the President had hunted lions with me on his first journey—but I disliked very a lot to commit myself as to what number of we may promise him in that territory. Mr. Borah was then requested the identical query, as to what number of he thought his territory (south of the Grand river) would yield in case the hunt needs to be held there. Mr. Borah gave an estimate, which was passable to the President and to Mr. Stewart, however even his seemingly conservative estimate was in extra of the quantity secured. It was not due, nevertheless, to any over-rating which Mr. Borah had positioned on the end result, however extra significantly to the unhealthy climate situations prevailing throughout the journey. Mr. Borah’s territory was due to this fact chosen as opposed to mine.

I’m usually requested “What sort of canines are finest tailored to bear and lion looking?” My reply has been that frequent curs have executed me extra service than the finely-bred canines of any breed. I’ve in my pack—and title them right here within the order of their effectivity—foxhounds, bloodhounds, crossers between these two, bull-terriers, fox-terriers, fox-terrier crosses with different terriers, and canines that may solely be known as simply “canine.”

Whereas the best important of a bear canine is the sense of scent, but there are different {qualifications} that crowd this one awfully shut, such, as an illustration, as that of worrying a bear and inflicting him to lose time by preventing off the canines, which in grizzly looking particularly, is a priceless support. Then the hunter can come up and get a shot; or if a black bear, this worrying course of will quickly trigger him to tree, when after all the chase is ended.

With the preventing and worrying of the bear by the canines is mixed by the important of with the ability to run in and nip after which get away earlier than the highly effective paw of the bear can land. This behavior is just acquired by precise bear looking, and is among the dearest classes the bear canine learns, for practically all my canines have at one time or one other—in some instances many extra occasions than one—acquired chastisement from bears which impresses vividly on their minds that they need to hurry after biting the bear if they might proceed to grace this terrestrial sphere with their presence.

Roosevelt's successful bear hunt in Colorado.
Everybody lends a hand after a profitable hunt. John Goff

A bulldog of a bull-terrier is among the hardest canines to show this lesson of self-protection. Owing to their disposition it’s onerous for them to let go in time to save lots of themselves, whereas they may rush in (at first) on a bear or lion, completely unmindful of the results.

The primary lesson is invariably taught by the despised little porcupine, however even this doesn’t remind them that they have to be cautious of bears. After one or two clouts from the large paws, nevertheless, they understand that care have to be taken—that’s, in the event that they survive the blows.

On the twenty sixth of April—which was the eleventh day of the hunt—we remained in camp and all rested up. It was a great factor for the canines and horses , as that they had been going fairly onerous and fairly commonly because the hunt started. About midday of that day the President had a contact of fever, however remained up and chatted with the members of the social gathering as if nothing was the matter. It rained that night, however it threw no damper on the ardor of the social gathering nor stilled the movement of anecdotes, tales and reminiscent speak that got here from the distinguished gathering.

On the twenty seventh the fever which the President seen the previous day had not abated, so he remained in camp all day. Borah, Fry and I, in firm with Dr. Lambert and Mr. Stewart, went up Divide creek for a brief distance, quickly branching off on a fork of this stream, known as the Muddy. Up this we traveled for a few miles, and shortly took up the chilly path of 4 bears, which a Mr. Johnson had situated a couple of days earlier than. The tracks gave the impression to be about 4 days previous. Borah and I put the chilly trailers on the tracks, holding within the younger canines. We cold-trailed them for eight or ten miles, consuming about three or 4 hours’ work, following them over creeks and up and down the gulches. Lastly we sighted the 4 bears, which had been mendacity in a gulch a half mile forward of the canines, and who on listening to the canines had jumped.

As much as this time the canines had been cold-trailing—not as but having come as much as the place the tracks have been contemporary. After seeing the bears we examined the lay of the nation very fastidiously and determined to go down a ridge, across the level of which it was obvious the bears would go, intending to show th younger canines on the path because the previous canines got here by us.

It was some twenty minutes or extra earlier than the canines confirmed up. Then we turned all of them unfastened that we had with us, however they received a little bit confused, about one-half of them taking the again path. After operating for over a half mile they noticed their mistake and eventually got here again and adopted it proper. They ran for a couple of half hour, after which whereas rounding a little bit ridge, we heard them barking “treed.”

We hurriedly went up and located one of many yearlings in a tree (Jack Fry had alongside his bull-terrier, which, after seeing this bear treed, adopted the opposite bear tracks and wasn’t seen for 3 days). Dr. Lambert wasn’t lengthy in capturing younger Bruin out of the tree, for we have been all anxious to comply with the path of the opposite three as rapidly as potential.

Some ranchmen have been with us that day, and when the cub was killed they requested if they might not have the meat in return for his or her hassle of skinning it and carrying the cover to camp. After all we readily acquiesced, because it assisted enormously in getting began on the path of the others. These ranchmen appeared to bob up on the most opportune occasions, and if it have been needed to hold something to camp or do us a favor, it appeared there was at all times a ranchman, or a ranchman’s son, who appeared ever and over-willing to do our bidding. The identical situation prevailed round camp. There was at all times somebody nosing round who would grasp on the alternative of doing one thing for us, within the hope that he may get a take a look at the President or obtain a phrase of greeting from him.

After disposing of the yearling and giving the ranchmen directions, and so forth., we have been on the path of the others. The canines made a run of about three miles, once they once more barked “treed.” We reached the tree , and to our delight discovered it contained one other yearling. The physician shot it, and we misplaced no time in getting the canines off on the path of the remaining two. When this one was killed by Dr. Lambert we discovered there was one other obliging ranchman available who was prepared to just accept the bear meat in change for the difficulty of skinning and carrying the cover to camp. (Whereas Mr. Stewart adopted us every day but he by no means carried a gun—preferring to permit the courtesy of killing the sport to the President and Dr. Lambert.)

The canines solely ran a couple of half mile when the yearling branched off kind the path of the mom. Drum—considered one of my canines—adopted it, the younger bear circling spherical virtually to the place we have been, the place it treed. The remainder of us adopted the canines after the mom. Evidently the previous bear had circled extra of their course and away from us, and had treed very near them. After the physician had killed it they fired a sign and we got here up, discovering once we arrived that the bear had been skinned out. We began for camp about darkish, drained however very jubilant over our success. This accomplished what I consider was the toughest day’s work of your complete journey, and one which additionally bore the best fruit. It was a tough jog for the horses again to camp, as they have been already fairly drained, however such have to be anticipated in bear looking.

Whereas we have been speaking of the deserves of bear canines at camp that night one of many ranchmen requested why Shorty—my bull-terrier—wasn’t capable of cold-trail with the remainder of the canines. I replied that his ears have been too quick to scent a observe. This appeared to please the President immensely.

On the twenty eighth the President felt a lot better, however we determined, however, to relaxation up after the onerous work of the day prior to this, because the canines and horses wanted it badly. We due to this fact loafed round camp and whereas the President and his social gathering engaged in congenial dialog we busied ourselves in taking care of the outfit. After all we have been besieged with guests, all anxious to see the President, lots of whom have been favored not solely with a take a look at him, however by cheerful remarks on the success of the hunt.

The President determined it might be finest to maneuver to our previous camp on East Divide creek, as he most popular to complete the hunt there, planning to hunt on Garfield creek and over the mountains to Glenwood Springs as a wind-up of the journey. However every day afterward stormed and stored us in camp, excluding a few days once we began out however have been pushed in by the storm. On considered one of these events—Could fifth—we killed a bobcat.

On Could sixth we pulled camp and began for Glenwood Springs—the President, Mr. Stewart and Dr. Lambert going first by horseback and arriving in Glenwood Springs at 3 o’clock within the afternoon. We adopted with the packs and canines and received there about 3:30, the place we discovered a royal reception awaiting the President and social gathering.

Earlier than concluding my account of most likely the best and most essential bear hunt ever taken anyplace, I need to point out the banquet which the President gave on the Lodge Colorado, Glenwood Springs, simply earlier than his departure for the East. The friends of honor at this unfold have been all of the guides and assistants who did the work for the social gathering whereas out, together with, after all, Mr. Borah, the prepare dinner and myself. None of us will ever neglect that unfold. I can but see the look of pleasure and satisfaction which mantled the good-natured face of our President when he sat down on the desk and beheld seated about him the weather-tanned and mountain clad males who have been his sole companions for 3 weeks within the hills.

Why, expensive reader, it was value a fortune to have a look at the President on that event! His good-natured, health-glowing face—contemporary from the air and sunshine that offers life, blood and vitality to all beings who search it—pretty beamed as he regarded from one to the opposite of us about that festal board and recalled the incidents of the journey simply ended.

None of us had on boiled shirts or white collars, swallow-tailed coats or low-cut bosoms. We got here as he requested us to—in our mountain clothes—the very togs during which we have been dressed whereas looking bears with him on Garfield and Divide creeks. It was as he wished, and apart from, it was very handy to us all, as most of us wore the one garments belong to us between Glenwood Springs and our house.

The President made a brief speak, however it was not of the traditional order. It was full fo feeling and referred to lots of the thrilling incidents of our hunt. It was expressive of the utmost satisfaction over the outcomes—and naturally such remarks (and he usually made related ones) at all times made the guides really feel good.

There is only one other thing which I’m going to say earlier than closing this story, and which I hope is not going to be objected to by the President: He confirmed his lover for our American boys by making a gift of $50 to every of Mr. Borah’s two younger sons; and the identical quantity to every of my three. It’s for sure that this cash will ever be for sure that this cash will ever be prized by these boys and their dad and mom—not significantly for its intrinsic worth, however from the truth that the best President the US has ever identified was considerate sufficient and sort sufficient to recollect them in so liberal a way.

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